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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Terra and Setzer (Day 303)

After some training in the veldt we travel back to Narshe, the town that started it all. One of the things you notice is the detail that goes into everything for square's last 2-D Final Fantasy. The towns, houses, people, and battles; they all have been upgraded from Final Fantasy V. We see steam coming out of houses and propellors spinning in Figaro castle. There's also that scene in the Phantom forest; that scene that they raved about (was it the first scene in videogames that had 256 colors at once or something). FF6 is an achievement, and it's kind of odd to think how far we've come in the last ten years.

Back at Narshe you confront the empire after all your guys reunite after the waterfall split. New friends are introduced, like Gau, Cyan, and Celes. Here's one of FF6's specialities, you're allowed to split into three parties; it kind of reminds me of Suikoden. But yes, with this many party members, you can do that. It brings a level of strategy into the RPG. So I select my members and defend the town from Kefka, not a tough ordeal.

This of course triggers something else, the bizarre contact between Terra and the frozen esper stowed away at the cape. A bizarre connection can be made between this scene and the scene in FF12 where Fran goes berserk after being in contact with the magicite on the airship. But anyway, now I have to find Terra. It's also a sign from the developers that says, "Ok, now the world opens up to you."

Traveling south we find new towns, and new characters. One that is of significance is Setzer, the smooth-talking rake that owns an airship. Through some cajolery and slapstick antics at the opera house, we gain access to his airship. And yes, the opera scene; I'm not too sure why Square added that, but they did; and some people must have liked it, but not me. It's the beginning of "long cut scenes" for roleplaying games I guess. More story, less game play can we say?

This leads you to the next big continent, where Vector and the Empire resides. Does empires have to be bad in Final Fantasy games? Usually you're the resisitance, but why can't it be the other way around - as in you're a great kingdom trying to quelch a rebellion force? Not as interesting I guess. Root for the little guy. Next update in a few weeks I hope. No gameovers yet, hurrah!

Yes: She used magic.

  • Game Time: 18 Hours and 12 Mins

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gau (Day 263)

It's no surprise that magic is a big part of Final Fantasy VI. One of the characters that I find fascinating is Gau. Perhaps it's because he's really one that I barely used the last two times I played, or perhaps it's just that his story isn't too enticing for me. I guess it might be a plight by the developers to show that Japanese kids are thrown out to the world a bit unprepared and needs a bit more attention. I don't know, but playing this again, I realize that he's one of the most powerful characters there are in the beginning of the game.

You don't get Gau until you go on Sabin's quest after the split up at the Lethe river. His powers is that he can LEAP into the Veldt and learn characteristics (skills and spells) from enemies that your party meets. He will learn one enemy's art that he leaped into and also the enemy that you meet in which he returns to you on. It's essentially Blue Magic from Final Fantasy V, but on a mass scale. You can learn all of the skills in Final Fantasy VI, save the bosses'.

I've been dominating the bosses with Aspiran (Gigavolt), Stray Cat (Cat Scratch), and Aquiform (Aquabreath).

More to come later on.

  • Game Time: 15 Hours and 22 Mins

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Final Fantasy VI begins (days 253)

So one game ends and another begins. We begin with three characters on a mountain, two soldiers and a woman. How do we know it's Final Fantasy VI? They're all in Magiteck Walking Armors, yes, welcome to the fusion of machines and magi. The outer world music is so nostalgic, just ten minutes into the game and I'm reminded of the hundreds of hours I spent on it. I played this one only twice, once to complete and once to get everything, and the second time cost me 100 hours plus. It was a waste of a teenage month, but they were good times of course.

Terra begins the story for us here, marking the first Final Fantasy game to start with a female lead (besides FF1, where you could've chosen a white mage). It might be an important step. The logo does have her riding a machine. I'm assuming that's her, as most of the story revolves around her. Most, but not all, as this is story includes a huge ensemble cast, with entertaining stories for each character. My favorite being Locke and Cellis, but I tend to put my name on Gogo; which I will do so again on this run.

The new thing here is the notion of Espers instead of summons. They are summons, but they are the essence of magic, and it takes about six hours in to acquire the first four.

So the story so far? After being lead to the Returners' hide-out by Locke, we are caught in a three-way split for the city Narshe. Returning there from the Veldt plains we have Sabin, Cyan, and Gau. Edgar, Banon, and Terra awaits at Narshe by foot from the river. And finally Locke rescues Cellis and brings her to the meeting point after infiltrating the empire's besieged city of South Figaro. From there we defend Narshe, but lose Terra to a terrible blast emitted by her and her contact with a frozen esper. We follow them to Jidoor and find that she's been held atop a tower at Zozo. Much of the world is politically claimed by the Gustavian empire, and being a part of the resistance makes it hard for you to travel quickly. Everything seems to be by foot so far, well besides the traveling sand castle of Figaro.

At Zozo we meet Ramuh, who gives us the break-down of magi, espers, and magicite (I'm guessing this was not the original term in FF3's translation). He turns himself into one, essentially killing himself, and we receive four espers: Kirin, Ramuh, Cait Sith, and Siren.

  • Game Time: 10 Hrs and 18mins